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Solventum has more than 30 years of experience developing classification, grouping and reimbursement calculation systems for inpatient, outpatient and professional settings. Whether you or your clients want to edit patient records in real time, leverage patient data for improved risk stratification, or process claims for hospital reimbursement and reporting, Solventum is the standard for innovative patient grouping and classification solutions. We help health care organizations achieve quality, revenue and productivity goals by empowering clinicians, clinical documentation integrity (CDI), coders and quality teams with simplified workflows from documentation capture to code.


A global AI health technology company, Beamtree empowers organisations to deliver exceptional patient care. They strive to create a better future for health by turning data into insights and action through automation. Beamtree helps solve real-world problems in healthcare by developing smart tools that aim to improve the delivery of care and patient outcomes. Their technology analyses, interprets and improves the efficiency of healthcare staff and resources, so they can make the most of their time and effort. Beamtree believes it starts with better data and ends in better care – and that better has no limit.


At LOGEX, we turn data into better healthcare.

We believe that data analytics not only has the potential to improve the quality of care provided but can simultaneously lower costs. It can provide actionable insights that directly translate into decisions you can stand by, with impact you can measure.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, and with an international team of over 450 members, we offer Financial Analytics, Patient Engagement, and Real-World Data solutions that improve operations and optimise healthcare.

LOGEX helps over 700 public and private healthcare providers across Europe make data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes and make the best possible care more affordable for everyone. Read all about our impact on www.logex.com.

SRC Health

SRC Health is the leading healthcare software vendor in Slovenia. The company brings together over 100 experts focused on designing and building complex software to increase efficiency, achieve better clinical and financial outcomes in healthcare organizations and prioritize patient experience. Solutions range from a Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Record that supports all processes throughout the patient treatment, mHealth apps, platform for doctor-patient communication, to the development of national eHealth services (e.g. ePrescription). We work with industry partners and SMEs in the field and have integrated more than 300 related digital solutions, tools and medical devices.